Grab coffee with the new guy on your street. Heck, add a shot of espresso. Now what if 100 people in our city did that today? Think of the ripple effect we could create together if thousands of us did simple challenges for an entire month. Everyone in our city could feel at home. Join us in October as we perform challenges to make our city feel a little more like a community. We call it The Grand City Experiment...Welcome Home.

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What if, each day, we did just one thing to make someone feel welcome?

What is The Grand City Experiment?

The Grand City Experiment (The GCE) is a movement to engage each other in a charge to make Greater Cincinnati more welcoming.

Why are we doing this?

Not everyone feels welcome in our city. Not everyone feels like a Greater Cincinnatian. Greater Cincinnati is friendly, but friendliness does not always equal welcoming. We have allowed pride in our neighborhoods, high schools and demographics to drive a wedge between us. This is driving skilled, educated and diverse talent from our city.

The good news is we know how to make people feel welcome. It’s as simple as an invitation – to dinner, drinks or an art gallery, or to play pick-up basketball. The challenge is taking that invitation and applying it city wide - that’s why we’ve created the Grand City Experiment.

How does it work?
  1. Sign up!  Visit www.thegrandcityexperiment.com and enter your email address. Rest assured that your email address will exclusively be used to send you communications relating to The GCE and will not be shared with any other entity.
  2. Confirm and begin!  Open the confirmation email to confirm your registration. On October 1, check your email to begin the month-long challenge!
  3. Tell us about it!  Make someone’s day, and then share the experience on social media.

What does the GCE hope to accomplish?

Build stronger communities. Encourage diversity. Give people in the Greater Cincinnati community opportunities to connect in meaningful ways. Attract and retain talented employees and good neighbors. Make Greater Cincinnati a more inclusive and welcoming place to live – for everyone.  You can help accomplish this by joining The GCE movement and completing daily challenges sent to you via email throughout the month October.

What are the important dates for the GCE?
  • TODAY. Join the movement by simply sharing your email address at www.TheGrandCityExperiment.com.  You might receive an e-mail reminder in the month before the experiment, and then you’ll start receiving challenge of the day e-mails when the experiment begins…
  • OCTOBER 2015.  Get ready to be a part of something BIG in this city.

Who can participate?

You.  Your next door neighbor.  Your cousin.  Your favorite barista.  Your grandma.  Your dentist.  The guy beside you in the elevator.  So, basically, a bunch of Greater Cincinnatians of all ages, neighborhoods and walks of life.

How can I help?

Who is behind this?

The GCE was created by a C-Change Class 9 project team of 15 YPs in the Greater Cincinnati area. For 2014, our task was to make Cincinnati more welcoming. C-Change is a year-long leadership development program through the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce. Each year, C-Change leads meaningful community projects that impact the Cincinnati region.

The current 2015 GCE team consists of some of the original team members, with an addition of a few other YPs in the Greater Cincinnati area. The GCE is proud to be working with Pay It Forward Cincinnati. You can check them out at www.payitforwardcincinnati.org

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